DvSum - Autonomous Data Management System
DvSum - Autonomous Data Management System
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Single integrated Cloud platform for all Data Management
Supply Chain Managment
20x faster than traditional Data Management tools
Autonomous Data Management System
Quickly adapt to changing realities
and business models.

Data will be a critical component in your ability to make this adjustment.

Autonomous Data Management System - copy
Autonomous Data Management System

Auto-discover issues when they happen and fix them with or without human intervention. For Operational Data, Data Warehouses and Data Lakes.

Accelerate & Maximize Value from your Data.

Better Plans, Reports and Decisions with Fast, Efficient IT & Business Processes

Single integrated Cloud platform for all Data Management

6 tools in a single application

Business Self-service

Continuously align to changing business need

High and Fast ROI

Implement 20x faster than traditional Data Management tools

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See how much you can save with automation

Make Data Quality and Governance a priority in your organization invest in the technology to help you.

Improve your Data Quality

Stop storing your data haphazardly, with the DvSum Enterprise Data Quality Tool, store your data in a format that can be used later to perform business analytics, and conform to reporting standards effectively.

DvSum-Improve your Data Quality
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Accurate customer data that you can rely on

When you’re looking at storing your customer’s data, it is essential to store it in a format you can use. DvSum’s Enterprise Data Quality Tool ensures that all your data is accurate, complete, consistent, and updated.

Reduce operational expenditure on Databases

No more need to maintain diverse databases to store your data in different formats. The DvSum Enterprise Data Quality Tool maintains the same format across the board so you have a single database for all your data.

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Amazing ROI. Fast and Guaranteed.

The DvSum Enterprise Data Quality tool not only saves you money by maintaining accurate and updated data securely, it also derives insights from it for you to boost growth and profits. The result? Extraordinary ROI!

What our customers are saying?

DvSum-Shailesh Jha

Shailesh Jha

Sr. Director of IT, Regal Beloit

“I was initially skeptical when DvSum claimed they could setup the tool in our environment within hours. However, when we began analyzing our bulk data and gaining insights on the first day, I knew we had a powerful tool”

DvSum-Alejandro Sanchez Aldana

Alex Sanchez-Aldana

Director, Coca-Cola FEMSA

DvSum is the perfect partner to compliment our Supply Chain Transformation program. They are helping us with Data Management, Business Intelligence and bring rich supply chain domain expertise.

DvSum-Why DvSum might be right for you

Why DvSum might be right for you

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