Why DvSum

You don’t have to spend millions of $$ and wait for 2 years to start seeing value from your data management efforts


Start with a Real Business problem

Traditional data management efforts start in IT and with a goal and business case of establishing a multi-year corporate data governance program, that covers all data domains. And why should the functional organizations care?

DvSum starts with focusing on a business problem at hand.

Let’s start with:

Too much inventory driven by bad sourcing or product attributes data.

Or bad address data resulting in sub-optimized freight.

Or consumer data protection compliance requirement for banking.

Or need for accurate provider contact information for better.

NPS score and reduced claim adjudication for Healthcare Payers.

Business Data Self-Service

When data is owned by business, why should IT be only one capable of operating the data management tools. DvSum platform is designed with business users in mind. Intuitive browser-based UI, with wizards, just requires clicks to setup, execute, fix and orchestrate the processes. Technical skills optional. Giving the power to setup rules, workflows to the data owners helps make the process more efficient, drive higher accountability and keeps the data management processes continually aligned to changing business requirements

DvSum-Data Management - Manage
DvSum data platform possibility illustration

Best of Cloud and On-Premise

Traditionally – Data Quality and Governance tools are on-premise installations because they need to to talk to data in the enterprise systems. They are expensive, requires you to buy hardware, middleware, operate them and have very high TCO. Some vendors have started offering Cloud based offerings, but which don’t really connect to real data or which require you to move all your data to the Cloud for them to analyze. That is inefficient, results in latency, security risk and increases risk of inconsistent data, rather than solving that problem.
DvSum’s Game-changing technology allows us to offer Cloud solution that can talk to any data anywhere in the enterprise, including the Cloud. Our patented technology allows us to detect issues in data where they exist and fix them in their place without requiring all that data to be shifted to the cloud. It business organizations – the simplicity and cost-effectiveness of a SaaS solution along with Scalability, Security, Richness of Enterprise solution.

Quick and Higher ROI

A simple subscription based pricing, allows you to start small, deliver quick wins and then expand usage. Setup that literally takes minutes and go-live within weeks instead 6 months or more with tradition approaches. With features like auto data-discovery, industry and data domain templates, start analysing real production data within days

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