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DvSum-Data Management Assess


It is a structured, comprehensive, holistic professional services offering to assess the readiness of the data to meet the goals of any system implementation or a business initiative project. It  allows the project team to assess: 

Where is all the data that Need ?

What does it look like?

What is the quality of that data

What are the key gaps and associated business impact

Data Assurance Plan

Time-frame: 2 – 4 weeks


Cataloging of current data sources and processes

Identification of data and interface requirements for JDA solutions

Assessment of the availability, quality of required data

Execution plan for Data Assurance


DvSum platform account and connected to source data

Data Assessment / Compliance Report

Data Catalog. Reference Data Model Mapping

Data Profiles, Rules and Results

Data Assurance Plan


The second step in ARM is Remediate or Resolve. It is also called as the Data Assurance phase. This is the phase where the data is cleansed, data ownership is establish, data processing related processes are defined. This phase is typically aligned with the implementation phase of a system project or a execution phase of a business initiative project.

Time-frame: Varies

DvSum-Data Management Remediate

Data Cleansing / Normalization of Source Data

Conversion or Migration of data that will be managed in JDA

Creation of Orphan Data that will be maintained in JDA 

Testing of Batch Interfaces between Host Systems and JDA

Reporting of data quality gaps, risks to project, prioritization and issue tracking

Data Governance process design and configuration


DvSum connected to source and target systems

Data Quality Rules Library

V1 of golden data source to be used for the project

Data Management Workflows

Data Governance Plan

DvSum-Data Management - Manage


The final step in ARM is Manage. It is also called as the Data Governance phase. This is the operating phase when the one-time activities are completed and now we are in monitoring and continuous improvement mode. In this phase, the ownership, workflows and rules setup during Assurance phase are run on a defined frequency.  Data Stewards and Functional / Technical owners of data are required to follow the processes. And Business Managers and Data Governance Program leaders monitor and track the progress and effectiveness of the Data Management processes.

Time-frame: On-going


Roll-out and adoption of the Data Management process

Automated source data and data integration quality monitoring

Systematic execution of data management workflows


Data Quality Monitoring embedded in daily cadence

Data Quality Scorecard and Trends

Data Management workflows Reports / Scorecard

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