Autonomous Data Management System

Auto-discover issues when they happen and fix them with or without human intervention. For Operational Data, Data Warehouses and Data Lakes

Enterprise Data Quality Platform

Every Manager likes a presentation with resourceful statistics, your data management tools might not be able to do so because of contingencies in the processing of data, but that is a condition of past. Now with Autonomous Data Management Platform, your data will be managed by the intelligence of a fictional brain. An algorithm, which is designed to keep in mind that the sole purpose of nurturing data is to extract leads of marketing and sales in terms of past records. To have your hands on this most popular advancement.

DvSum-Enterprise Data Quality Platform
DvSum-Validate and Standardize Addresses Globally

The Most Responsive Database Can be Your Database

The ill exploitation of time and resources is painful when you do not find the required numbers in your data pool. You consider the concerned person answerable and accountable for this delay. But, it is sometimes not the individual; instead, it is the interface you are using, which is responsible. By employing a data-discovery system that is free from manual search queries, reduce the human efforts in your database to achieve maximum response. Conquer the game of data discovery with a smart move of Autonomous Data Management Platform, which results in rapid data discovery. 

Master Data Management Now Made Easy with Smart Data Management

Only a data analyst understands the value of safeguarding the master data. It is the origin of records of client names, contact medium, previous assignments, and product reviews. There is actually nothing significant in a database in the absence of the master data. Apart from being important, master data is also abundant. One can easily make a blunder while maintaining it. Hence, the introduction of a virtual data manager is inviting, and the Autonomous Data Management Platform is designed for handling the master data in such a way that it holds the relevance of itself as long as desired.

DvSum-Visual Drag and Drop to create workflows

Control which Metrics Define Your Metadata, at Your Fingertips

Autonomous Data Management Platform brings you an opportunity of changing the way the world looks at metadata. Break the conventions of considering metadata a resource compulsorily managed by a personnel or a department. Automate the procedure of maintaining your metadata by employing this interface and measure the plotting of metadata in an automatic, simple, and many efficient ways. Devote more time to the vital decision-making process and leave the job of metadata handing on us. With this platform, we make sure that your metadata is correct, efficient, complete, and relevant at the same time. So that you refer to your metadata, the only thing you obtain is sheer output.

An Interface with Augmented Stability and Data Governance

Forget the days when you had to sit and make policies and guidelines about how particular data should be collected, stored, maintained, and preserved. Leave behind the hassles of monitoring the process of data handling. Because DVsum brings you a podium that is designed to do your duties without your presence! Click here and witness the uprising of data governance by Autonomous Data Management Platform. It is now possible to examine not only your data but also the processing of data; at your fingertips. With the help of a click, you can generate, check, and eliminate the dimensions of your data warehouse tools.

DvSum-workflow 2
DvSum data platform possibility illustration

Deal with Technology that is Exclusive

We are habitual of offering the latest technological tools to you. We understand your need to operate the most modern data management tools, and that’s what we do at our place when we develop something new; we think about you. Now execute your data-oriented business decisions with our patented products, in which Autonomous Data Management Platform is the latest chapter. Because now, your data quality issues will be handled on their own. 

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