Autonomous Data Management System

Auto-discover issues when they happen and fix them with or without human intervention. For Operational Data, Data Warehouses and Data Lakes

Enterprise Data Quality Platform

Powerful rules wizard and engine gives business users and IT alike to create rules and data policies for master, transactional data and aggregate process checks. Cleanse or fix your data and even write it back to source systems without needing any complex ETL layer.


Validate and Standardize Addresses Globally

Use Geolocation API in DvSum to validate and standardize your addresses worldwide. Use it in tandem with Data Quality and MDM to consolidate your addresses and realize freight cost savings.

De-duplicate and create golden record

Matching algorithms to identify duplicate / matching records. Sophisticated automatic golden record criteria and field survivorship capabilities. Create record linkages for data consolidation or automatic updates to all related records.


Single definition of data and traceability

Business Glossary allows you to define and manage a consistent definition of data across your organizations. Use Data Lineage to understand inter-relationships and traceability for assessing compliance to regulatory requirements.

Orchestrate and manage the process

Use workflows to orchestrate business processes like New Product Introductions across multiple organization and systems. Use drag-and-drop feature to create and orchestrate any business process management workflow.


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