Data Discovery

Gather Actionable Insights With the Help of Product Discovery

Catalog all your Data

DvSum can connect to all your enterprise data – in ERP applications like SAP or Oracle, in SCM applications like JDA, legacy applications, RBDMS, Excel files, or flat files. DvSum can auto-discover your data catalog across your entire set of systems within a matter of hours.

DvSum data platform possibility illustration
DvSum Data Profiling Screenshot

Data Profiling

Profile your data to understand the characteristics of the data. How many records in the systems, unique values, blank records, and distribution of data. Profiling helps you with quick and visual insights about your data.

Metadata Search

Search the metadata of your entire catalog. Create relationships between data in multiple systems. Quickly identify the impact of metadata changes to source systems.

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DvSum system screenshot data analysis

Data Analysis

Transform unstructured data into valuable insights to derive useful information for business operations. DvSum helps you to unlock the essential information from messy data to make it easy for comprehending information. The complex data is sorted with the help of the latest tools in a way that allows the users to visualize the information. Data analysis helps your organization get a competitive edge. Using the insights, you can devise business strategies that ultimately improve the customer experience.  Based on your industry, you can gauge the business performance with the help of specific metrics. You can identify the major trends and also spot the outliers.

Save Time

Your business data is originally stored in a haphazard manner. DvSum uses a data discovery tool to structure it in a specific format so you do not have to spend time doing it. We do the tough work for you by streamlining the entire data in order to facilitate the analysis. When the data is already structured, it becomes easy for the analysts to derive meaning out of it. Save your precious time which you spend on manually sorting the data as DvSum does the job for you. You may then focus on other pressing tasks to thrive in your business.

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Scaling data across departments

Scaling Data across Departments

The business data across teams is versatile and often has information that can be used in a variety of analyses. Each department can benefit from the same data in a unique way and DvSum is dedicated to helping in this endeavor. We understand how difficult it can get to utilize the data such that it is meaningful in a variety of contexts. With the help of a data discovery tool, we help businesses in making the most of their business data. You no longer have to worry about the tedious process of scaling data across departments.

Cleaning and Reusing the Data

Data analysis is a continuous process and with time a lot of new data is added to the repository. In order to make the functioning of data smooth, one has to keep cleaning the data on the go. With our advanced data tools, we help enterprises in staying up to date by getting rid of old and irrelevant data. At the same time, we also help in storing important data for future use. DvSum helps companies in keeping their data streamlined so that it can be reused as and when required.

Data Cleansing