Data governance

Design any business process workflow

With DvSum BPM, you can convert any process map into a live workflow that can orchestrate a process. Whether it is simple workflow like daily plan validation or more complex like a new production introduction, BPM supports creating process steps, conditional statements, embedding other workflows.


Visual Drag and Drop to create workflows

Use the visual designer to easily create and configure the workflows. Create multiple tasks within steps. Attach rich media to tasks to make it a complete and comprehensive job aid.

Drive collaboration and process improvement across department

BPM helps you collaborate across multiple users and organizations. It alerts a user when a step in the process needs to be executed by them. It also allows for Process Managers to receive alerts when certain critical processes are delayed and generate analysis on how long processes take, where the bottleneck and improvement opportunities are.


New Product Introduction


Data Quality Governance


Closed-Loop Feedback