Master Data Management

Match multiple records

Use phonetic or String-match fuzzy match algorithms to arrive at significantly higher accuracy of matching person profiles, business accounts or patient information.

DvSum data platform possibility illustration
DvSum patented technology infographic

Create a Golden Record

An intuitive interface to compare match records and establish the golden record. Alternatively, you can define rules like First, Last, Preferred, Most Complete for system to automatically suggest the golden record.

Automated Intelligent Field Survivorship

Create an intelligent rule based field survivorship strategy which can automatically pick and choose the best matching values across the matched records to automatically create the most accurate and consistent golden record.

DvSum Data Quality
DvSum-Data Quality Graphics

Create Linkages for harmonization or Consolidation

Once golden record is identified, you can export the linkage information to the duplicate records and use it in your MDM or ETL process to either consolidate records or harmonize data cross the source systems.

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