Metadata Management

Consistent definition of business terms across the Enterprise

Whether you are a Financial institution required by regulators to maintain a consistent definition of credit risk, or a global software implement project that needs to accelerate adoption of new tools across the world by providing a consistent definition about new tools, business glossary works for you.

DvSum-Improve your Data Quality
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Data Ownership and Stewardship

With Glossary you can create functional and technical definitions, establish roles & responsibilities, link terms to other terms, create synonyms.

Data Lineage

Visually create or import data lineage information to trace the source of information going into a business term. Document the ETL or user process logic against the relationships to create a live documentation of your ETL process.

DvSum Data Quality
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Integrated to Profiling and Quality modules for real-data visibility

Glossary integrates to the Data Discovery side of the platform and brings in field characteristics information from profiling as well as data quality information of the source data used in the Business term’s data lineage.

Auto-translate text definitions into multiple languages

Typical applications provide localization by supporting multiple languages for User Interface elements. With DvSum, you can automatically translate definition and description text into multiple languages. DvSum uses Google translate to automatically create language specific definitions.

DvSum Data Quality