Moving forward: Task smart decisions more effectively with our new updates

At DvSUM we understand the importance of change. With new technologies evolving and branching out every day, businesses have to be continuously evolving too. We understand that embracing new technologies brings fruitful results, and to help our customers stay on top of the game, we continuously evolve ourselves too. In the wake of being relevant and to help our customers have an unmatched edge in their respective fields, we have launched the next generation of updates that are set to increase productivity and improve efficiency. Here is all you need to know:


1. SAWS is now more powerful

You can install the version 1.1.0 by going to Administration > Manage account > SAWS tab, download and install the latest web service.

For more help, read How to install SAWS?

DvSum-SAWS Upgrade to Version 1.1.0

2. Working with Excel is now faster than ever

EXCEL in memory source is faster and more reliable than EXCEL source. Using python libraries, SAWS will install Python Service along with DvSum SAWS and DvSum monitor.

Make sure you have downloaded and installed the latest SAWS, python and its libraries.

Read here, How to download and install Python Service for EXCEL in memory source.


DvSum Supports EXCEL in memory Source

Once DvSum Python Service is running, you can change your existing EXCEL source to Excel in-memory source from the Manage Sources page. This will have no impact in catalog, profiling or executions on this source. Preprocessing and workflow executions will work the same as excel.

Read here, How to convert Excel to Excel in memory


3. Scheduled Jobs update that everyone was waiting for

The wait is finally over as we have now added the option of sending the scheduled job email to Dvsum users and two new recipients as “User Groups” and “External Recipients”.

“User groups” contain a list of DvSum users and “External Recipients” comes in handy when you want to send the job execution email to a person not signed up in Dvsum application.

DvSum Improved UI:UX of Scheduled Jobs

Read here, How to send Scheduler job emails to other users


4. Improved customizations for Workflow emails

Now users have full control over their workflow emails, they can choose to view Workflow (WF) Immediate Alerts or Workflow Daily/ Weekly Digest.

  • Workflow Immediate Alerts – Generated for every single step as the WF progresses forward
  • Workflow Email Digest – It will contain the summary of all executions in which the user is involved. A single email with consolidated immediate alerts.

You can control this option from the User Profile page. Or if you do not wish to receive any workflow alerts, you can turn off both options.

DvSum-Workflow Immediate Alerts

Read here,Workflow Email Digest and how it looks like.


5. Witness enhanced productivity with increased extraction limits to Azure, AWS S3 bucket or a custom folder

With the current update, there is a storage level control provided to set the extraction limit between 1 to 10M records, which is significantly more than the previous capability of only being able to extract 100,000 records to Azure, AWS S3 bucket or to a custom folder.

Where do I set the limits?

From Manage Account > Cloud Storage > Edit cloud storage. You can see and set the “Export Limit” field.

DvSum-Export Configuration - Data Extraction to Azure (UI Changes - Storage level control for Owners Only)

Read here, Data Extraction Limit for Azure/S3


6. Enhanced DvSum Dashboards for better data visualization

DvSum’s dashboard is now integrated with interactive reports. So now power BI users have more flexibility when it comes to viewing reports, applying filters, and exporting data.

Read here about Advanced Analytics

Enhanced DvSum Dashboards for better data visualization

7.Reducing complexities by simplifying Data Management Workflow Clone

Witness a better system that lets our users make a copy of a complex workflow, which was not possible before, thus saving time and improving productivity.
Here is all you need to know:

  1. A user will be able to clone a workflow from the ‘Manage Workflow’ page or ‘Workflow design grid’
  2. We have added full flexibility so all existing workflows can be cloned, regardless of whether they are in a draft, published, or execution state without impacting the existing executions.
  3. Cloning a workflow will clone its all attributes (Steps, Tasks, Approver, Watchers)

Reducing complexities by simplifying Data Management Workflow Clone

8.Seamless exception handling now possible with Data Management Workflow Approver

Our developers have now added the functionality of “Approvers” in the workflow. Their primary role is to review the activity of the step and decide whether they disapprove the fixes or allow the workflow to move forward without having to fix all exceptions. With this added advantage you can allow the workflow to progress forward without making it mandatory for a user to fix all exceptions.
How to do this:

    1. You can add approvers while creating a workflow. It can either be a single user or a group.
    2. You can edit/add Approvers at Step level also. Note that this is applicable only for Validation Tasks.
    3. An email notification will be sent to Approver when the control comes to this step. Depending on his/her decision, the workflow moves forward or reverts.

Seamless exception handling now possible with Data Management Workflow Approver

9.Improved UX for WF Watchers

Witness an improved UX for WF Watchers. Previously, you could only add/edit watchers from Workflow execution for a single execution. We have made some improvements on how you can add watchers;

What has changed?

  1. Watchers now can be added while creating a workflow
  2. These watchers will be copied to all the executions of that workflow

Improved UX for WF Watchers