Data Management Automation Cost Savings Calculator

Did you know that your data team - data analysts, system analysts, data stewards, data scientists spends 50% of their time doing data collecting, managing, cleansing data. That is 50% time they are not spending in helping to generate reports, plans, analytics to make business decisions.

Calculate how much money you can save by bringing data management automation to your business.

Total Effort spent Managing Data in your company currently
Total Full-Time Equivalent head count spend on Managing Data is 0
Total Hours in a year, your company spends on Managing Data - 0 hours
Total Cost of Managing Data is 0

Annual Savings you will get with DvSum:

Head Count Opportunity
Cost Savings
Cost Savings
0 weeks
Time-frame to start realizing savings
Annual cost of employee assumptions = show table
Data Management team's focus on managing data = 100%
Other users estimated data managing data = 25%
Time to implement DvSum = 2 weeks

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