Data Preparation

Access to a Managed Cloud Database

Use DvSum without the on-premise connector as a pure Cloud application. You will get access to a dedicated small database where you can load data with 1-click and use DvSum rules or write sophisticated / complex SQL to create views and extracts of your data.

DvSum-Improve your Data Quality
DvSum-1 click visual upload files to Cloud Database

1 click visual upload files to Cloud Database

You don’t need to create a complicated ETL process or data pipeline to get your data into your database. Use Fileupload to load and maintain your data in the managed Cloud database with 1 click. DvSum copies the file, fixes any format discrepancy and loads the data into the database automatically.

Cleanse Data

Use the data quality capability to massage, cleanse your data. Store the massaging rules to apply automatically in future.

DvSum-Workflow Configuration DvSum Screenshot
DvSum-Blend Data

Blend Data

Join data from multiple datasets by creating views of data. A database view will always win against data blending done in BI tools, in terms of simplicity and flexibility.

Create Data Job Pipeline

Once you are done with preparing your data, you can automate the process next time. All the way from extracting data from your on-premise application to generating the final extract of data which is ready for use. Realize significant productivity savings by automating the data massaging work.

DvSum-Create Data Job Pipeline

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