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Welcome to DvSum!


DvSUM has a global network of trusted partners with whom we collaborate in selling, implementing and supporting DvSUM solutions for our common customers.

The DvSUM Partner program (DvPP) has been developed to integrate partners as an essential part of our business, and maximize the value for the parties both financially and organizationally.

Our Consulting & Services Partners capitalize on their extensive expertise in Data Cleansing, Data Management and Data Governance. With comprehensive industry and business knowledge, our Partners can help you build and implement solutions that best fit your strategic needs, enabling business and IT transformation and driving more innovation and efficiency in your core processes.


DvSum Partner Program

This document presents the objectives and the different levels of the DvSUM Software Program, as well as a description of the benefits and conditions.

The DvSUM Software Program aims to support our value added partners in promoting and selling DvSUM Software and associated services (implementation, integration, training and support)

It aims to help you to select the most relevant partnership level according to your strategy.

DvSum Value Proposition

DvSum-faster time to value
Fastest Time to Value

Go-live in 14 days vs 6 months with competition

Business Self-Service

Continuously aligned to business needs

DvSum-disrutive cost model
Disruptive Cost Model

Innovative technology approach. Simple attractive subscription pricing by # of sources / users.

DvSum-enterprise solution true saas
Enterprise Solution + True SaaS

Scalability, Security, Richness of Enterprise solution delivered in a SaaS package

DvSum-Alejandro Sanchez-Aldana

Alex Sanchez-Aldana

Director, Coca-Cola FEMSA

I and the leadership team were really nervous at the beginning of the project. Here we were doing a massive investment for our supply chain infrastructure and our team and the implementation team had no idea whether we had all the required data and if it was of sufficient quality. Then we got to know about DvSum. And it was smooth sailing on the data front for the rest of the project.

DvSum-Shailesh Jha

Shailesh Jha

Sr. Director of IT, Regal Beloit

“I was initially skeptical when DvSum claimed they could setup the tool in our environment within hours. However, when we began analyzing our bulk data and gaining insights on the first day, I knew we had a powerful tool”


There really is no better time to become a DvSum Partner. DvSum business is based on helping companies assure the quality of data in their organizations. The DvSum Partner Program provides you with the tools, resources and benefits to help you build, run and grow a profitable DvSum business.

If you are an Industry Leading solutions Company, looking for the flexibility to build a business that Works best for your Company, We are the right Partner for you! Don´t hesitate to contact us and start growing our joined business.