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Assure data quality, ensure project success

The Challenge

Data readiness is a critical success factor for any project – from management consulting to a technical upgrade project. Traditionally consultants rely on customer to provide the right data for the project or it is assumed data will be ready and of high quality to execute the project. However, with the digital enterprise, being able to manage data during the project has become a challenge by itself.


Digital transformation resulting in explosion of data volume and systems

Higher dependency of data on project success

Increasing need to analyze data to generate insights and drive business value



Cloud Migration


System Implementation


Big Data Analytics Enablement


Line of Business Functions




Supply Chain


Partners, Suppliers, Customers


Slow sales cycles

Project Delays

No realization of project value

Penalties and lower customer satisfaction

DvSum Solution

Data Preparation

Management Consulting services more and more require analyzing customer data. Use DvSum’s enable AI platform to ingest raw customer data, model it in DvSum, cleanse, shape, curate and enrich the data and then make it available for downstream analytics needs.

Data Assessments

Conduct health check audits for your customers using the DvSum platform. It allows you to create a repeatable audit for an industry and allows you to show value for customer and identify bigger consulting opportunities.

Data Assurance

Use DvSum platform during a project to assure data quality for the project and ensuring project success. With the data profiling, analysis, rules engine, and glossary, you can manage data requirements of a project and drive normalization of the data to fit the project requirements.

DvSum-Data Quality and Governance Platform DvSum

ARM your data

Use DvSum’s ARM your data methodology to drive visibility, cleanup and continuous improvement of data management processes with your clients

PARC your data

Use DvSum’s continuous improvement methodology PARC to drive continuous improvement for your customer in providing application management and managed services

DvSum-PARC your data DvSum

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